James Rodríguez confesses: who was better, Daniela or Shannon?


James Rodriguez

His followers asked him about his preference and he answered.

James Rodríguez is on vacation in Colombia and took advantage of his days off to, once again, establish contact with his followers on the Twich network.

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This time the people who interacted with him put him against the wall with a question that even his mother, Pilar Rubio, had to help him answer.

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awkward question mark

They asked him about Who would he choose between Daniela Ospina, his ex-wife and with whom a daughter, Salomé, and his ex-girlfriend Shannon de Lima.

One of his friends tries to throw him a lifeline by saying that he was not obliged to respond, and Pilar Rubio managed to say that “at the time each one was important.”

James did not avoid the question and replied: “I love both of them very much, I have a very good relationship and I have a heart for many people.”

That was the moment.


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