Ice hockey | The Swedish NHL star was placed in personal bankruptcy

Robin Lehner guaranteed a loan that the company that took the loan was unable to pay back.

Swedish ice Hockey goalkeeper Robin Lehner has been placed in personal bankruptcy, says Aftonbladet on its website. The reason is that he has failed to pay the loan guarantee that fell into his account.

Aftonbladet says that in 2016 Lehner guaranteed a loan of 2.5 million kroner, i.e. around 229,000 euros. The loan was taken by a company that used the money for, among other things, accommodation for asylum seekers.

The company was unable to repay the loan as planned, so the lender turned to Lehner. Lehner did not fulfill his obligations, so the matter was taken to court. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

The lender’s representative tells Aftonbladet that they have a binding unilateral judgment that can be issued in a situation where the other party does not participate in the proceedings.

Lehner’s the seasonal salary is five million dollars. Lehner’s representative Carl Jörgensen tells the newspaper that he considers it clear that Lehner is not insolvent. He says the verdict will be appealed.

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“When assessing insolvency, one should look to the future. It is quite clear that he has the ability to pay this. That’s why he shouldn’t be declared bankrupt,” Jörgensen said.

According to Aftonbladet, the granted loan has an interest rate of 30 percent, so the current debt is five million kroner. According to the information given in connection with the sentence, Lehner has paid back half a million kroner.

According to Jörgensen, the matter has been resolved unilaterally, although no documents have been delivered to Lehner.

Lehner has not played this season as he rehabs his hip surgery.

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