HS Vantaa Next to the concrete suburbs is a gem that is still unknown to many and is now being built at a rapid pace: “I have also been asked if I would sell the plot”

New houses are constantly being built in the pre-war Vapalaa detached house area in Länsi-Vantaa. An area still unknown to many is popular with builders.

In Vantaa Rauni and Matti Monosella has been a good luck to the neighbor. When the Monos, who moved from Joensuu to the Helsinki metropolitan area, lived in Myyrmäki in the 1970s, their apartment buildings were Erja and Aimo Nuottimäki.

“In the sandbox as parents of young children, we would be talking to other parents that we are looking for a house. One night the neighbor Aimo called Mati that there is an inheritance in Vapaala to sell a house built in 1938 with plots of land. He suggested that we buy the plot together, ”says Rauni Mononen.

Now Monoset and Nuottimäki have lived in Vapaala as neighbors for 38 years. The house, built on a plot of more than 2,000 square meters before the war, was demolished, and Nuottimäki built a new house in its place.

Matti Mononen drew and built a house for his family on the other half of the plot, where the old garage, barn and sauna were demolished. Monos and their two children were able to move to a new home in 1983.

Elanto’s store once operated in the Friherss croft. The house owned by the SDP is rented out for the activities of the free people.

Neighbors are still in close contact with.

“Aimo just brought us a roast deer, and Erja and I are going to a meeting of the Uusimaa district of the Finnish Home Association in the evening,” says Rauni Mononen.

Erja Nuottimäki is the new chairman of the Free Home Association founded in 1947 and the vice chairman of the Rauni Monone association.

The detached home association cooperates with the Martta of Vapaala and the local parish in Hämeenkylä. When the children of Monoste lived at home, the parents volunteered for the children’s sports clubs. So Rauni Mononen knows Free residents widely. The district has about 4,000 inhabitants.

“There were now deceased Actors living there Lasse Pöysti and Birgitta Ulfsson with their sons. The film director also lived here Matti Kassila. And Matin and Tepon brother, an opera singer who died last year Seppo Ruohonen, in that house, ”says Rauni Mononen, pointing with his hand as we drive around the Freeport.

The new school in Rajatorpa was completed two years ago.

VihtintiehenFree space is bordered by Vihdintie and belongs to the Myyrmäki subregion.

Vapaala is also one of the oldest detached house areas in Vantaa. Construction began before the war in 1936, when the Upper Labbas farm began selling plots of land in the wooded area of ​​Friherss in rural Helsinki.

The lands of the area were also owned by the farms of Ala-Labbas, Jussas and Rajatorppa.

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The original house on the site of Monoste and Nuottimäki was one of the first houses in the area.

“That house with a mansard roof on the hillside was built in the 1930s, and there are also two front men’s houses behind our yard,” says Matti Mononen.

The Vapaala district also includes the Rajatorpa apartment building area, which was built between 1969 and 1974.

Rauni and Matti Mononen are worried about the pace of construction in Vapaala, which is a green area.

in the 1960’s many of the free houses were used in Helsinki In Pitäjänmäki at the Strömberg plant.

It is less than a kilometer from the Helsinki border to Vapala and a good kilometer to the Espoo border. Twice after the construction of the Free Market, the area is planned to be connected to Helsinki. The first connection was immediately after the Second World War, but then the project failed in Helsinki.

In the early 1970s, Helsinki was interested in joining the Free Zone, but the countryside did not agree.

There are houses from different decades in the free hall. This mansard-roofed house in the Monoste neighborhood dates back to the 1930s.

Free time became the official name of the area only in 1967. Originally, the detached house area was known as Frihers.

“That name is still used alongside Vaalala or the nickname Frisu,” says Rauni Mononen.

Together with the monos, six families built houses in the early 1980s. Since then, new houses have been built in Vapaala and more are being built all the time.

Although the current 1,000-square-foot plot of the Monos was halved from the original 1930s plot, they have a large garden.

“In recent years, three houses have been built on a 1,000-square-meter plot, where there used to be one house,” says Matti Mononen.

According to him, construction companies are closely monitoring when plots are available in Vapaala.

“When I do yard work, I’ve been asked if I’d sell the land.”

Monoset are concerned about the accelerating pace of construction. The green area has been compacted since the 1990s, and new houses have already been zoned for many small empty strips of land near the roads. According to Monoste, for example, new dwellings have been tightly compacted along Vihdintie.

“New things are being built here at such a pace that basic services do not have time. Public transport, sewers and others come with a delay. In small winters, small plots become a problem already where the snow gets, ”says Matti Mononen.

Rauni Mononen says that the Detached House Association saved two of the four parks in the detached house area from construction.

“Vuolupuisto and Naulapuisto were preserved. The city of Vantaa has announced that Vuolupuisto will be cleaned up by the end of the year. ”

At leisure, the terrain is hilly in places.

Togetherness has survived.

“During the Korona period, a ring of volunteers was born here who went shopping and pharmacy for us older residents. With the support of the Te Center, we have been operating a detached house for the seventh year, helping the elderly to clean windows, mow the lawn, snow work and whatever help is needed now, ”says Rauni Mononen.

Families with children are attracted to Vapala by the new, fine school in Rajatorpa, which was completed two years ago, and the good recreational opportunities at the nearby Myyrmäki sports park. Padel fields have also been built next to the school.

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The latest product of the Free House Association, which has not even had time to sell, is on the table of the Monos. The Vapaala mug has the symbol familiar from Vapaala’s pennant and shirts: five spoons on a blue coat of arms with a yellow horizontal line across them.

“Spoons symbolize a common meal,” says Rauni Mononen.

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