HS Vantaa Close-eyed people have wondered about the openings in the wall of the renewed Prisma in Tikkurila

Tikkurila’s Prisma is undergoing extensive facade renovation. The renovation is scheduled for completion in December.

Tikkurilan Those who worked at Prisma could not have missed the facade renovation that the Food Store had undergone.

The prism is currently being upholstered with orange tiles.

HS Vantaa said Renovation of Tikkurila’s Prisma in February.

However, close-eyed eyes have noticed special details on the new walls. The walls of the large windows next to the main door on Tikkurait still look unfinished.

Although the façade in those walls already looks ready and the scaffolding has been dismantled, there are strange openings between the tiles.

Are the coating materials out of stock?

Prisma’s new upholstery changes Tikkurait’s outlook.

Prism leader Jari Kätön according to there is sufficient coating material.

The “openings” in the façade walls are due to the renovation schedule, as in addition to the façade, the building has been renovated with supporting structures and electrical traction in stages.

According to Kätö, the tiles next to the main doors should be in place in December, when the renovation will be completed.

Previously, Tikkurila’s Prisma was covered with white tiles. Before the facade renovation, the old tiles hung in many places.


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