HS Turku The “adult Vekkula” sold in Salo has got a Finnish flair – Now the designer tells you what a personal home is all about

According to designer Ville Witka, sales pictures do not do justice to the interior. “We were looking for a great and stylish end result,” Witka says.

“Anything the reference to the pleasure house was certainly not sought. Everything else, ”says the designer who decorated the detached house, which attracted the attention of Some Ville Witka.

HS said From a personally decorated house for sale in Salon Meri-Teijo, which was described on social media as “Vekkula for adults”.

“Colors shoot over the pictures. In fact, they are harmonious, and the interior was designed with the finest possible results using fine and timeless materials, such as concrete and plywood, ”says designer and musician Witka.

Witka, 55, is renovating the house together with his ex-wife in 2005-06. The interior was already gaining publicity at the time and was featured in magazines.

A lot of plywood and bright colors have been used in the interior of the house.

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House Meri-Teijon’s “Miljoonamäki” was Ketamo’s childhood home completed in 1969.

“The house is in a great location on a hill. At one time, Teijo started to call it Miljoonamäki, when a few factory workers started to become entrepreneurs and built houses on that hill, ”Witka describes.

“The house in Miljoonamäki was a sweet cabin to live in,” Witka recalls. “The decoration was made only for ourselves, it was our dream. It wasn’t on the mind that the house would ever be sold, ”he adds.

At the start of the renovation, the house was in its original condition. “It was kitchi hell. At that time, people had wallpaper on the walls and lots of small paintings. I nail the nails off the walls one day, ”says Witka.

Remontin the goal was a minimalist and modern style world.

“The partitions were removed because the house was wanted to be loft-style. Every single square was lined with plywood. The exterior doors were also removed and covered with plywood, ”Witka describes.

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The furniture was mostly fixed and therefore they are now for sale with the house as part of the whole.

According to Witka, many details in the house’s furniture are unique. Among other things, Witka designed a chessboard and a steam bucket for the sauna, as well as chess pieces for the living room table.

“A complete work of art,” he describes the house. “I thought it had to be a whole whole from start to finish, and the style world shouldn’t be broken.”

According to Witka, the limes used were lime and pink.

The sauna benches are built to be mobile.

Witka has designed a lot of houses and their interiors in his career. However, the construction of Teijo’s own house was the only one of its kind.

“When you are your own customer, you can do anything. I haven’t done another project where I could do everything myself down to the last detail, ”says Witka.

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The harmony of materials, in his view, arises from the fact that opposites complement each other. Next to the rugged concrete wall, you will find a fine, marbled imitation of birch paneling on the ceiling and floor.

He hopes that the house would be bought by someone who appreciates its uniqueness. “Of course the buyer does what he does. Fortunately, there are a few newspaper articles about the house, ”says Witka.

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