HS Hyvinkää Lauri Laine built an amazingly detailed scale model of a train station – a two-year major contract required disciplined accuracy

Lauri Laine made a model of Hyvinkää railway station for two years. The almost four-meter scale model is available at the Hyvinkää City Library.

In his twenties Lauri Laine is satisfied. The scale model of the Hyvinkää railway station he made is finally ready, and the result of the work is admirable in the Hyvinkää main library.

“It feels good now, but it took two years to do this,” says Laine.

The scale model has been carefully designed and executed carefully down to the smallest detail. Little people are waiting for a train on the pier, small bikes are parked on racks, and even the individual boards in the buildings are carefully carved into the walls.

The end result shows the railway station as it was at the turn of the millennium. Laine chose this era because she was born then.

Scale model it was the turn of the millennium that proved surprisingly difficult to make. To get the details of the scale model right, Laine needed photos of the station area. There were plenty of older and newer pictures, but at the turn of the millennium, there didn’t seem to be any pictures.

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When pictures were found late last year – after almost two years of searching – it was revealed that some of the parts Laine had already made for the scale model did not even correspond to the reality of the era. They had to be done again.

“At Hämeensilla, for example, I had to make changes to the terrain where the stairs go to the railway station. In an earlier version, I had made the terrain concrete, but it turned out that it had trees and vegetation in the early 2000s, ”says Laine.

The traffic signal on Hämeensilla also had to be changed.

“There was no smell of its place and shape before the footage began to come.”

The most difficult part of the project was the details of the north end of the train station.

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“There were quite a few challenges in building the footbridge there. Actually, it would have had a third staircase that folds in the direction of the parking lot. They had to be left out. That was annoying. ”

This was what Hyvinkää railway station looked like in 2003.

Why Hyvinkää railway station was chosen as the destination?

There is a romantic story to this. Laine met her ex-girlfriend just at the train station. It was exactly three years since this first encounter, when Laine completed the contract late last year.

The miniature railway is now on display in a glass showcase on the second floor of the Hyvinkää City Library.

“I wanted it to be available to everyone in a place where even the poor can afford to go.”

Pornaisista Laine, who hailed but later moved to Hyvinkää, built a scale model with her parents in Pornais.

Such a project will not fit in any studio, as the length of the scale model is almost four meters. Transferring it to the library was not an easy task.

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“The big van had to be taken out and had to be dismantled in three pieces. The transport was a bit tense, and there were a few places. They then had to be repaired in the library. ”

The scale model will be transferred from the library to the Finnish Railway Museum in Hyvinkää.

The scale model is on display at Hyvinkää Main Library (Torikatu 5) on 28 January. until. From the beginning of February, the scale model will be available at the Finnish Railway Museum (Hyvinkäänkatu 9).

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