HS Espoo | An Espoo woman bought an insect hotel to help bugs, but the hotel became a cone

Residents of the insect hotel seem to taste like a hungry cone.

Espoon Living on a hill Marjut Ikosen there is a standard guest in the yard. The clever cone has realized that the insect hotel set up in Ikonen’s yard is the perfect personal delicacy table.

“After all, birds are not allowed to be fed here, nor am I fed. But the darts always ride in the insect hotel. A couple of years ago, I saw it here for the first time, ”he says.

Last summer, the smaller insect hotel was replaced by a new, bigger one. That, too, seems valid for darts.

Although darts have been in the yard a few times already, Ikonen hasn’t had a moment to capture the picture before.

Early Tuesday morning, however, he heard the familiar knocking again and glanced out the kitchen window. There was a dart in it for breakfast!

“I don’t know if it got any bugs, but for several minutes it was there and I got a picture taken,” he describes the moment.

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Icon acquired an insect hotel in its time because it could photograph butterflies and help natural insects. He still doesn’t mind that the dart uses it as a buffet.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just fun.”

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