HS analysis Called the “Trump of the Tropics”, Brazil’s Bolsonaro welcomed the omicron, barked at the Supreme Court and hinted that it did not intend to accept the defeat

16.1. 14:20

Brazilian populist president Jair Bolsonaro is once again in full swing due to a recent intestinal obstruction hospital visit after.

Called the “Tropical Trump,” the head of state welcomed the “micron” transformation of the coronavirus to Brazil because he said it is not as deadly as previous transformations and can predict the end of the pandemic.

An epidemiologist leading the coronavirus activities of the World Health Organization Michael Ryan replied that this variant would kill people and be anything but welcome, the news agency said Reuters.

Jair Bolsonaro photographed at the Presidential Palace on December 9th.

The coronary patient was taken for treatment in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on Friday, January 14th.

Bolsonaro also opposes vaccinations for Brazilian children aged 5 to 11, which began on Friday. He has demanded the names of the health authorities who decided on the matter be made public.

Brazil’s health care agency Anvisa has called Bolsonaro’s extracts “fascist.” The president of the agency has demanded police protection for his staff due to threats posed by the president’s speeches.

Vaccination requires permission from parents. Bolsonaro has said he would never let his 11-year-old daughter be vaccinated. The president himself recovered from a coronary infection in the summer of 2020 and has not taken the vaccine.

More than 112,000 infections were recorded in Brazil on Friday, which is close to the country’s daily record. As recently as two weeks ago, the count was about 6,000 infections a day.

Bolsonaro accused two members of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, a judge Luis Roberto Barrosoa and Alexandre de Moraesia “Bias” as the presidential election approaches. De Moraes leads five investigations against the president.

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“They [tuomarit] they may not want to vote for me, but do they want a man in this position who plundered the country for eight years? ” Bolsonaro asked on television.

He referred to the country’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvaan. This led the country from 2003 to early January 2011.

In 2018, Lula was imprisoned for a large amount of corruption. Lula was released in November 2019 and allowed to return to politics when the Supreme Court overturned Lula’s disputed sentences in March 2021.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was imprisoned from time to time, but convictions have been overturned and he is now leading opinion polls again. The picture is from December 2021.

Presidential elections will be held in October. According to an opinion poll released on Thursday, left-wing Lula would currently get 41 percent and Bolsonaro 24 percent of the vote. In the second round, Lula would beat Bolsonaro.

In another poll released on Friday, the readings were almost the same: 44 percent for Lula and 24 percent for Bolsonaro.

Former Bolsonaro Minister of Justice and current opponent Sergio Moro is third with 11% support. The distance between Moro and Lula is also tense, as it was Moro who passed Lula to prison as a judge.

Moro said he had been infected with the corona this week, but was asymptomatic thanks to three vaccinations.

Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro is third in recent opinion polls with 11 percent support.

Bolsonaro has hinted that the presidential election may be missed if its purity cannot be guaranteed. The Supreme Court opened an inquiry into this statement as well.

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Bolsonaro has, without evidence, claimed the voting system to be “rotten”. He claims he would have won the 2018 election in the first round if the counting had worked “correctly”.

In Brazil, votes have been cast directly at the polling station in electronic form, partly since 1996 and fully since 2000. Bolsonaro has also demanded paper ballot papers that could be used for check counting. In August, the Brazilian National Congress rejected the president’s motion on the subject.

Bolsonaro called his supporters at the time for massive protests he called to prepare for a “necessary counter-revolution” against the People’s Congress and the Supreme Court because Brazil’s “communist constitution” had deprived him of power and he was intrigued by the judiciary and left.

This led to an open letter in which international actors, such as the former Prime Minister of Spain José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, A former British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and an Argentine Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist Adolfo Pérez Esquivel warned of the danger of a military coup.

There is no evidence of a military coup, although this option has also been considered The Washington Post and The Interceptin in extensive articles.

As such, Bolsonaro has supporters in the armed forces, providing a total of € 4.3 billion in additional support to the police and armed forces during his term, Estadão magazine analyzes. He has also appointed a large number of officers to senior positions and encouraged schools to hire people with police and military backgrounds.

Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch released a report this week that Bolsonaro is a threat to democracy.

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“He has tried to weaken the pillars of democracy, attack the judiciary and repeat false accusations of electoral fraud,” Brazilian director of Human Rights Watch Maria Laura Canineu comments according to Reuters.

The report also accuses the Bolsonaro government of trampling on the rights of indigenous peoples, women and people with disabilities, and of attempts to suppress freedom of expression. He is also considered to have downplayed police violence.

The report also mentions Bolsonaro’s positive remarks about Brazil’s military dictatorship of 1964-1985.

For now Bolsonaro has largely followed the former president of the United States Donald Trumpin example.

He has said opposition forces are committing election fraud. He has hinted that he will not accept the election defeat. And he has already demonstrated his ability to organize his supporters into massive protests against the People’s Congress and the Supreme Court.

Supporters are largely organized Pavel Durovin on the Telegram service, which Bolsonaro favors because he has been censored on Facebook and Twitter. Every second mobile phone owner in Brazil uses Telegram.

El Pais recalls that, largely thanks to its Telegram campaign, Bolsonaro won Time magazine in December Person of the Year – a reader vote With 24% of the vote. Trump came in second, but the magazine chose him as the person of the year Elon Muskin.

Trumpin however, Bolsonaro could collapse in an election due to, for example, an underestimation of the coronavirus and a poor coronary situation in the country.

“Only God can separate me,” Bolsonaro declared in September last year.

In October, it will be clear what voters will say about it.

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