Helsinki’s salary problems | City government: Stabilizing the salary payment situation may take the whole fall season

Helsinki’s salary payment problems have been fixed a little, says the city government. According to it, however, the measures must be continued.

Helsinki the city’s salary payment problems have been fixed a little, but not enough. This is what Helsinki City Hall says in a press release.

On Monday, the city council continued to discuss the ongoing salary problems. According to it, the situation is “in no case acceptable”, but is getting better.

The city’s effective measures to solve salary payment problems have “made positive progress”, but they still need to be accelerated in the fall.

According to the current estimate, it will take the entire fall season to stabilize the salary situation to a completely normal level, the release states.

In the bulletin figures are given on salary problems. There were 124 completely missed wages on August 4, compared to 141 on July 28 and 412 on June 14.

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The city’s current goal is to fix and pay the missing salary in full within two days.

Customer service is also said to have improved a bit. There were 1,750 unresolved contacts in the customer service processing queue on August 4, compared to 1,960 on July 28 and 10,613 on June 14.

“Thanks to efficiency measures, progress has been made in correcting salary errors and the customer service backlog has been cleared. However, we haven’t been able to fix all salaries in a reasonable amount of time,” says the HR Director of the City of Helsinki Nina Gross in the bulletin.

The city government assures that the missing salaries will be paid without the employee having to contact the salary payment themselves.

“The city of Helsinki wants to be a good employer and implement a high-quality personnel policy. This goal of ours has taken a bad hit, and trust in the city as an employer has understandably been shaken”, says the mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen in the bulletin.

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