Formula 1 | Kimi Räikkönen drove his best time trial of the season – Pile place is still unresolved

Bottas races from the pole position.

Formula the time trial of the 18th race of season one brought the Alfa Romeo garage To Kimi Räikkönen the best result of the season. The Finn finished twelfth in the time trial of the Mexican race.

Räikkönen’s starting point is still improving to ten, as he is ahead of him Yuko Tsunoda and Lando Norris leave the downstream screens for engine repairs.

The fastest in the second section was the Mercedes stable Lewis Hamilton just before Red Bull Max Verstappenia. The fastest in the first section was Mercedes Valtteri Bottas, but in the second section he was fourth.

The first part of the time trials was long suspended, for Aston Martin Lance Stroll shook at the track edge and it took some time to move the car off the track.

There is still a third section of the time trial, in which the fate of the pole position is decided.

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