Football Record man Teemu Pukki: “I have thought it would be a great honor to have a record in my own name”

Goat’s most memorable national team goals can be found in a couple of matches.

When World Cup qualifier in Kazakhstan is over, Owl players grabbed a record man Teemu Pukin and threw him into the air.

“It was hard credit for the guys,” Pukki commented on the rapture of his teammates.

In the mind of Puk, who has become the all-time goal scorer of the Finnish men’s soccer national team, this year has set the goal record of the A national team, which was previously Jari Litmasen held by 32 goals.

“Lately when I’ve gotten close, I’ve been thinking it would be a great honor to have a record in my own name. It’s a great thing that it happened now, ”Pukki said at a remote press conference after the World Cup qualifier in Kazakhstan.

Goat scored in goals 32 and 33 for his national team career in Astana. However, the most memorable goals for his national team career were born years ago.

“Goal against Spain in a draw. Then two goals against Liechtenstein to go to the Games. The last goal was nice [Kazakstanissa]. I didn’t dare ventilate when I wasn’t sure if it was an offside, ”Pukki said.

He noted that the national team career has also had difficult years.

“The last three to four years have been good in terms of results and performance. Throughout my national team career, we have had an amazing team. It has always been a pleasure to come here. ”

The buck could have scored even more goals against Kazakhstan. One place went to the side of the mouth when he fired Urho Nissilän but Kazakhstan’s defender managed to block the shot.

“I had a few places to make more goals. It’s annoying when there was a chance to win with even higher readings. But the most important thing was to win. ”

Goat said he was pleased with the team’s offensive game. At the same time, he also commented Robin Lodin input. Lod had been moved behind the tips in a midfield diamond formation, and from there he was able to feed the attackers.

“It took time for us to get involved in the game. There was still room for improvement. Röbä got more involved in the game. I have always had the pleasure of playing with him. ”

Lodin’s Pukki scored from the penalty spot in Kazakhstan.

Head coach Markku Kanerva said that at Lodi ‘s field, the coaching team wanted more of a threat to the opponent’ s line of defense, and the choice worked well in his opinion.

“There are probably things we can do better. In the second episode, we were able to play in front of the line, but we didn’t get to turn in it. It was forced to invest in the attack when there was a place of forced victory. ”


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