Football | In the first, a terrible refereeing error was seen, which decided the match

TPS got their second win of the season with the help of the referee.

Football In the first round, we saw a bad refereeing error in Saturday’s round, which decided the match between Turku Palloseura and Salo Ballers.

TPS had won only one of its seven matches of the season, and in the second victory it had significant help from the referee Lassi from Siukkola.

SalPa took the lead in the extra minutes of the first half, when Michael John rose to the top and headed the ball into the net from a corner kick.

Jesper Karlsson brought the hosts level after an hour of play, and five minutes later the match was decided.

TPS had a good run in the SalPa penalty area, and finally Joonas Lakkamäki was able to shoot towards the goal. John was able to cover the bet, and the game continued – for a couple of seconds.

The TPS players waved John’s blocked shot with his hand, and finally the referee Siukkola, who was standing a few meters away from the situation, took the ball to the penalty spot. At the same time, he kicked John out, just like blocking a goal with his hand.

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The problem with the situation is that the ball didn’t hit John in the hand but directly in the head.

However, Siukkola had made his decision, and Alhaji Gero completed the 2–1 winning goal from the penalty kick.

SalPan head coach Tero Suonperä didn’t mince his words, although he also gave credit to TPS for a well-played match.

“Our defender blocks the shot with his face. It can be seen on the screen, and the player has a crooked beak and an open lip. Yes, this is a bit speechless”, Suonperä stated after the match.

Suonperä says that he went with John and the team’s media representative to ask referee Siukkola about the situation.

“He gave me and our media representative a red card. Yes, it has become quite remarkable, if you don’t ask, you get things. I understand that people make mistakes. The message that was given after the game was, people make mistakes, but people can also undo their own mistakes,” Suonperä said, referring to the lifting of John’s suspension.

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