Football “Could you smile?” A question on TV broadcast to Lina Hurtig, who overthrew the helmsmen, is stirring up in Sweden

An interview with the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation immediately after the match has sparked surprise on social media.

when Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a goal for Sweden, will he be asked to smile on the post-match TV show? This is unlikely to happen, but on Thursday night this request was made to the Swedish women’s national team Lina Hurtigille.

Hurtig scored Sweden’s opening goal and scored a 2-1 victory when Sweden won the Finnish World Cup qualifiers in Gothenburg.

Now, an interview conducted by the Swedish broadcaster SVT immediately after the match has aroused surprise on social media. Swedish newspapers report on the matter Aftonbladet and Express.

In an interview, Hurtigill was first told that he looks very calm on the outside.

“Yes, I’m tired,” Hurtig said.

“Couldn’t you show a smile?” the interviewer asked.

“What did you say?” Hurtig asked.

“Could you smile?”

“Yes, damn it. I am very happy, ”Hurtig replied.

For example With a popular Instagram account in Sweden Dyngbaggegalanilla there is a long chain of commentary on the matter, in which the question is criticized and the question is raised as to whether the same question would be asked to a player on the men’s national team.

At the post-match media conference, Hurtig himself was also asked to comment.

“I didn’t mind that,” he stated.

Also the captain of the Swedish team Caroline Seger commented on the case.

“It’s not that dangerous. I don’t know why it was asked. Did he smile? ”

Also questioned by SVT’s journalist Milad Akbarzadeh commented on the incident on Twitter.

“Heck! I didn’t mean it that way. That was not the intention, ”he wrote.

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