Flying | A New Zealand airline is now weighing passengers in Auckland

Air New Zealand began weighing passengers to determine the average passenger weight.

of Auckland at the airport in New Zealand, passengers are now weighed in addition to luggage.

Air New Zealand began weighing passengers, mandated by the country’s aviation authority, to determine the average weight of air passengers. The matter was reported by, among others, the American NPR.

The airline says in its announcement, that it needs to know the weight of everything in the plane for safety reasons. Information on the average weight is used to estimate the weight of the passengers. It is being evaluated with the current weighings.

Stepping on the scale is voluntary, and weight information is stored anonymously. The passenger and the airport staff cannot see the reading.

Passengers weighing started on Monday and will continue until Friday.

The airline aims to get to know the weight of more than 10,000 customers.

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