EU EU foreign ministers discuss new sanctions against Russia, Foreign Minister Haavisto’s press conference live right now

The fifth package of sanctions has just entered into force. The sixth is to move forward with sanctions on oil imports.


EU countries Foreign ministers will discuss new sanctions against Russia at their meeting in Luxembourg today.

Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) will attend the meeting. His press conference after the meeting will start at approximately 5.30 pm Finnish time. HS shows it live.

To the meeting The foreign ministers of Ireland, Lithuania and the Netherlands, who arrived in January, confirmed to the news agency Reuters that the EU Commission had drafted a proposal to suspend oil imports from Russia.

This is not yet a joint decision of the member states. Energy-related sanctions have proved cumbersome, as many countries fear that their own energy supply will be severely shaken as sanctions move first to oil and then to natural gas.

Coal imports were agreed to cease in the fifth package of sanctions, which took effect on Friday.

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The war in Ukraine is the number one topic of the meeting. EU High Representative for External Relations attending the meeting Josep Borrell visited the Commission together with the President of the Commission on Friday Ursula von der Leyenin with Kiev and Bocha.

In addition to sanctions, foreign ministers will discuss arms assistance to Ukraine.

Haavisto says the news agency STT seems likely to worsen the situation in eastern Ukraine, where Russia has mobilized.

“More fighting is expected in eastern Ukraine, unfortunately,” Haavisto said when he arrived at the foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday morning.

According to Haavisto, peace talks between Russia and Ukraine appear to be at a standstill. Federal Chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer will meet with the President of Russia on Monday Vladimir Putin In Moscow. Nehammer is the first European political leader to meet Putin face-to-face since Russia launched an war of aggression on Ukraine.

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Haavisto says he discussed the Austrian foreign minister on Monday morning Alexander Schallenberg with Nehammer’s journey. According to Haavisto, expectations for the meeting are not high.

Meeting of Foreign Ministers preceded by a breakfast of ministers by the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khanin with. According to Haavisto, the progress of the investigation of war crimes in Ukraine was reviewed at breakfast.

According to Haavisto, the chief prosecutor had a fairly organized view of how to gather the necessary evidence of suspected war crimes from the field and also store related material online.

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