Essay | The stories of top performers and those who have exhausted ultra-running exhaustion are annoying. Journalist Laura Kukkonen tried what happens when she starts to spend her free time.

Does making leisure time make us human machines tuned to the top, or can making everyday life more efficient bring happiness and peace? Journalist Laura Kukkonen decided to find out.

“The protagonist of the writing has chosen the lifestyle of the performer. What could be the level of his stress hormones? ”

“It also sounds like everything is done with little running piss.”

“Obsession and neurosis were the first words that came to mind when reading this article.”

Readers comments Helsingin Sanomat in the early part of the year to publish an article describe well the criticism of efficiency speech in general.

An article about his recent book Leo Stranius schedule his day to half an hour, stretch his teeth while brushing his teeth, ride an exercise bike during remote meetings, listen to audiobooks at double speed, and wake up super early to do a morning workout.

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