Energy Rauman Energia will increase the price of district heating for the rest of the year, explains the strikes at UPM’s mills

On Friday, the Confederation announced, like the Paper Association, that it would continue the strike until 5 February.

Rauman Energia increase the district heating energy fee for the rest of the year.

The 20% increase in the energy tax will take effect on 7 February. Basic fees remain the same.

The reason for the increase is the strike by the forestry company UPM’s mills. The strikes began on New Year’s Day and will continue until February 5, unless an agreement is reached before then.

The Paper Association announced the continuation of the strikes until February earlier this week, and the Electricity Association on Friday.

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Lakon production at the factories covered is completely at a standstill. The strikes shut down power plants operating in connection with UPM’s mills, which generate heat for the district heating network in the mills.

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According to Rauma Energia, the strikes affect the production and economy of district heating. Rauma Biovoima’s bioboilers are not in use and heat will have to be generated with oil-powered backup boilers, the company says in a press release.

Rauman Biovoima is owned by Rauman Energia and Pohjolan Voima. Its power plant is a combined heat and power plant located in UPM’s factory area in Rauma.

“Unfortunately, we now have to temporarily increase the price of district heating only because of the strike that has begun,” says Rauman Energia’s CEO Marko Haapala in the bulletin.

He says that if the strike continues for a long time and the power plants are not limited to it, the price effects could become even greater.

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