Correspondent ‘s comment Boris Johnson received a decent burst as a gift for Brexit – and the worst may still lie ahead

Even the conservative measure is starting to be full, but is HSam’s London correspondent Annamari Sipilä asking if there are enough of them.


On Monday the long wait for British politics finally ended: report prime minister Boris Johnson and the partners ’Corona-era celebrations were announced.

A member of the civil service Sue Grayn the already terrified report was short but incisive.

One: some of the events should not have been organized.

Two: Alcohol should not have been consumed.

Three: Leadership and judgment failed. The authorities did not meet the high standards required of them.

Prime Minister in terms of the outcome is staggering. He was not up to date on his duties. The moral deficit is obvious.

However, there may be more to come. London police are still investigating a dozen coronation time celebrations, three of which Johnson himself attended. Police are in possession of, among other things, 300 photographs taken at various parties.

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Johnson asked on Monday as expected, sorry from the lower house. He also promised to look in the mirror and “fix the situation”.

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In the lower room was not convinced.

The opposition criticized the Prime Minister in harsh terms, as might be expected. However, the hardeners were also joined by their own conservative MPs. The most prominent of these was the former prime minister Theresa May.

Only “own” or “conservative” representatives can fire Johnson. Some conservatives may fear that the collapse in the prime minister’s popularity will cost their jobs in the next parliamentary elections.

But are there enough people dissatisfied? It was still unclear on Monday.

Investigation prolongation has played into Johnson’s bag.

The longer the Gray report is expected to be published, the more the political debate will be filled with other issues, such as the situation in Ukraine and the economy.

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Now Johnson hopes the police investigation will be extended as well.

In this way, the Prime Minister can live up to the hope that partygate-rowly little is forgotten.

On Monday, however, it became clear in the lower house that many will never forget. There are many in the country who, during the tight interest rate restrictions, could not even say goodbye to their dying relatives.

The idea that there was a party on Downing Street at the same time is simply too much for many.

On Monday also came exactly two years after Britain officially seceded from the EU.

In other circumstances, Johnson could have celebrated the Brexit anniversary as a big win. Now everyone’s attention was on Sue Gray’s report.

The irony lies in the fact that if Johnson has to resign, it is not due to large-scale brexit problems. Johnson’s fate can be as small-scale a misjudgment as a quick stop at a garden party as well as a birthday party.

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In essence, however, it is probably the same thing: a lack of judgment.

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