Coronavirus The Northern Territory of Australia made coronary vaccines compulsory for service workers

By Christmas, service workers must be fully vaccinated, or face a fine and immediate dismissal.

Australasia The Northern Territory announced on Wednesday that it is requiring service workers to take coroner vaccines. The coroner vaccine was made mandatory in the area for store workers, tour guides and barbers, among others, AFP news agency said.

In total, the regulation applies to dozens of professional groups.

Prime Minister of the region Michael Gunner stated that anyone working in a service position must take a coroner vaccine. He said he was concerned about the low vaccination rates of some groups.

Northern Territory the area is vast, about three times the size of Spain. A large number of Aboriginal people live in the area.

In the area, less than 80 percent of those over the age of 16 have received at least the first dose of coronary vaccine, it is reported on the regional government website.

However, according to Gunner, there are communities in the area where people are hesitant or refuse to take the vaccine.

“I make sure we do our best to get everyone vaccinated,” Gunner said.

By Christmas, service workers must be fully vaccinated, or threatened with a fine of A $ 5,000 (approximately € 3,500) and immediate dismissal.

“If you work in the hotel and restaurant industry, in shops, as a bank receptionist, barber, hairdresser, or beautician, you need to take the vaccine,” Gunner listed examples of groups from which the vaccine is now required.

According to its website, 222 corona infections have been diagnosed in the area throughout the pandemic by 12 October.

Elsewhere In Australia, healthcare workers and teachers are required to take a coronary vaccine.

In the world, for example Stateside all federal employees and employees of large companies are required to have a coroner vaccine.

In Italy there are strict vaccination requirements that require all employees in the country to present a certificate of coronary vaccination.


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