Coronavirus The Association of Finnish Municipalities criticizes the government in making interest rate decisions and demands clarity

According to the Association of Finnish Municipalities, the activities of the government have caused uncertainty.

10.1. 18:24

Finland the Association of Finnish Municipalities, which represents municipalities and cities, is robbing the government of its actions in interest rate decisions. Among other things, the association demands clarity in the instructions related to interest rate decisions and justifications for the guidelines made.

“At present, it is difficult for municipalities to act and follow political guidelines. At the very least, any proposals on which the guidelines are based, their explanatory memoranda and impact assessments should be made public immediately. Municipalities also need more detailed guidance if they are expected to operate in certain corona situations in certain operating modes, ”Executive Vice President of the Association of Finnish Municipalities Timo Reina stated in an organization statement.

The government’s coronation measures were widely publicized, for example, on Friday, when a working group of coronary ministers discussed at the Estates House, among other things, a recommendation to start a distance school.

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It was not decided to recommend going to a distance school, but the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) spoke after the negotiations on the recommendation that the school class should remain in quarantine if the class has a single case of corona.

Criticism has been raised, among other things, that the government does not have the power to decide on distance learning or school quarantine, but to decide on a regional basis.

Association of Finnish Municipalities According to

“Municipalities, education providers, schools, teachers, students and carers are very confused by the fact that ministers say they are making decisions over which they have no competence. It would be good to send a clear message about competence in the guidelines related to the corona epidemic, as in the current speeches related to teaching, ”Reina said.

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