Cooper test Endurance running promise Eemil Helander ran a new Sports School record in the Cooper test

Helander’s 12-minute run was 4,255 yards.

Endurance running future promises Eemil Helander, 20, is currently performing his military service and the running condition is in place as winter approaches. The Defense Forces Sports School says on its Facebook page that Helander has run a new conscript record in the 12-minute running test known as Cooper’s test.

Helander ran 4,255 yards in the test. The result is very strong since the establishment of the Sports School in 1979.

Helander’s background in sports is on the side of both skiing and athletics. In skiing, he was still winning the World Championships in Youth last winter. In athletics, he won the Finnish championship in the Kaleva Games in both the 5,000-meter and 3,000-meter hurdles. In the latter, the championship came Topi Raitasen after rejection.

In relation to his record of 5,000 meters, Helander was at quite the same pace. Helander’s record of 5,000 meters last summer in Lapinlahti was 13.55.80. On a steady pace table, time means every kilometer at 2.47.16. In his more than four-kilometer cooperative, Helander ran an average of 2.49.21 kilometers.

Helander’s time coincides with the senior lecturer at Vierumäki Sports College Timo Vuorimaan To Ilta-Sanomat in 2017 to make an assessment with. Vuorimaa said the endurance runners at the national team level will run at least 4,200 meters in the test.

At the end of September, a high school student from Vieremä Mikko Kauppinen, 18, was reported to have run 3,830 meters in the Cooper test.

Correction 9.11. at 6:14 p.m. Mikko Kauppinen’s result was 3830 meters, not 3860 meters.

Correction 9.11. at 18.51, Helander’s result was 4255, not 4235 yards.

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