Controversy in the NBA: mascots earn more than professional WNBA players


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Basketball players denounce discrimination. ‘I can learn to be a pet,’ claims one.

A real scandal produced in American basketball the publication of a report on the earnings of the NBA mascots in the specialized ‘Sport Business Journal’.

According to the media in question, the ‘mascots’ of the teams that are part of the NBA earn an average of 60,500 euros a year. However, highlights the portal ‘El español’, the income of the most famous is amazing.

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So much so that, as this last medium points out, “Rocky, the NBA’s most famous mascot, earns almost triple that of the highest-paid player in the WNBA”.

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Pets earn more than players


According to the financial report, the mascot Rocky, of the Denver Nuggets, receives 630,000 euros per year.

That value is too surprising when you see how much the best-paid player in the women’s branch of the NBA, Diana Taurasi, earns, who receives about 228 thousand dollars a year for her professional activity.

The controversy has been such that Angel McCoughtry, a player for the Minnesota Lynx and a five-time WNBA All Star, appeared on Twitter with a strong message: “I can learn to be a pet”.

The controversy in the environment of the players has deepened knowing that Stephen Curry, a great figure in world basketball, perceives 40 million dollars annually.

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