Concerts | Sunrise Avenue’s long-awaited farewell concert brought emotions to the surface at the Olympic Stadium: “We’ve been waiting for two years”

One of Finland’s most popular bands, Sunrise Avenue said goodbye to their fans on Friday at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

8.7. 21:25

Atmosphere was enthusiastically tense at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Friday evening.

People had arrived from different parts of Finland – and, judging by the languages ​​spoken, also from different parts of the world – already several hours before the historic moment.

Sunrise Avenue, one of Finland’s most popular bands, said goodbye to their fans in their concert that started at 9 p.m.

The people of Vantaa Katja and Olli Outinen brought their seven-year-old daughter Emilia Outinen first time to a rock concert. They took selfies with their cell phone cameras in front of the Olympic Stadium.

“We’ve been waiting for two years,” Katja Outinen said. “It’s a bit exciting.”

The family said they got to know the band Samu Haberin through when he performed Only life in the TV series.

Emilia Outinen tried on hearing protection in front of the Olympic Stadium before the first rock concert of her life.

Artist’s charisma also attracted to the concert Sari and Harri Pettersson’s From Rauma. They had reserved vip tickets from the Golden Circle area in front of the stage.

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“What an easier gift for the wife,” said Harri Pettersson.

“It’s okay, I can watch Samu! Great feeling”, added Sari Pettersson.

The couple said that the concerts were important to them, and not least because they got married in Helsinki Cathedral after receiving a cancellation period and then moved on to Metallica’s concert.

“The administrator looked at why I had the Bible with me. For satanic verses”, said Sari Pettersson before moving to the VIP entrance.

Harri Pettersson bought VIP tickets for his wife Sari Pettersson as a surprise gift.

The people of Espoo Kaija Todd and Tom Lindh were waiting not only for the evening’s concert, but also to see the renovated Olympic Stadium.

“There are so many events throughout the summer that you should be somewhere every weekend. This is the number one, last final,” Todd said.

It’s comforting to end Sunrise Avenue Lauri Tähkäwhose spring and summer gigs Todd and Lindh have been to.

“I’m going to dance my feet to the ground and sing hoarse.”

The concert friends were waiting for the start on the hill next to Paavo Nurme’s statue Johanna von Hertzen, Saana Lyytinen, Niina Miettinen and Sanna Ståhlberg.

It was wonderful for them to get to a gig after a long time after all kinds of corona punishments.

“But it’s really sad. I’m going to dance my feet to the ruve and sing my voice hoarse,” von Hertzen said, referring to Sunrise Avenue’s decision to close.

Miettinen said that he listened to Sunrise Avenue as a teenager and that the concert brought back memories of his youth.

Several tram lines were canceled on Friday due to a driver shortage, and the operating trams were congested.

Helsinki regional transport (HSL) prepared for public transport congestion due to concerts on Friday and Saturday. HSL said it will increase departures and equipment for both bus and train traffic.

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There are extra carriages on the L, K and P trains that leave Helsinki between around midnight and one o’clock. In addition, bus lines 37, 40, 321, 322, 431N and 500 have additional departures.

On Friday evening, especially the trams were full, when several shifts of different tram lines had to be cancelled. HSL’s communications stated that the cancellations were due to a lack of personnel.

According to what they said, Sari and Harri Pettersson couldn’t fit on the first tram from the city center to the Olympic Stadium, and the next ride was also full of passengers.

The bus coming from the direction of Vantaa was also full, and there were not enough seats for everyone, they said Katja and Olli Outinen.

HSL recommends using trains instead of buses and trams during the late hours of the weekend.

People heading to the concert filled public transport in the center of Helsinki on Friday.

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