Companies Vantaa is seriously considering, for example, the sale of Vanti, which provides cleaning services: the Coalition Party and the Basic Finns initiated new preparations

Mayor Ritva Viljanen’s (sd) proposal on the continuation of the service company was lost in the vote by 6–5 votes.

Vantaa The Coalition Party and the Basic Finns have found each other in shaping the future of the city’s own service company, Vanti. The matter returned to preparation on Monday with the cookie that the sale option needs to be better explored.

The Vantaa Group Division was not unanimous in its decision, but the return decision was made by 6–5 votes.

The mayor lost the vote Ritva Viljanen (sd) a proposal for the future of the service company as an in-house operator within the city. As an in-house company, Vantti provides cleaning, catering and real estate services to the city, but it is not for profit and does not participate in tenders in the market.

Vanti is now being the subject of a new external expert study, which also compares the option of procuring services on the market, either in full or in part.

To support this, a comparison is made with the ways in which other large cities provide similar services.

Viljanen estimates that the new studies will be completed next spring at the earliest. The future of Vanti will ultimately be decided by the city council.

Vantaa must decide on the fate of Vantaa fairly soon, because the welfare area formed by Vantaa and Kerava will start operating in 2023.

Of Vant’s approximately 1,000 employees, 159 work in social and health care properties, which will be transferred to the responsibility of the welfare area.

Viljanen anticipates that the continuity of employment relationships and employment benefits for these 159 people will be guaranteed through the transfer of the business. Vantaa has outlined that it will not form joint ventures with new welfare areas. Welfare areas operate with state funding and state responsibility.

In the follow-up study concerning Vantti, the Group Division needs proposals for solutions that will ensure the continuation of the work of the personnel. In addition, as part of the whole, the city is preparing to develop competitive expertise and quality control.


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