Comment | Scarcity was enough against Lukko, but you can’t always rely on it

Ilari Melarti’s suspension was exactly what HIFK must especially avoid in the quarter-final series. IFK plays for such big things in domestic hockey that there is no room for fooling around, writes hockey journalist Heikki Miettinen.

Helsinki IFK leads the ice hockey quarterfinal series against Lukko with a 2–0 win. Everything looks good to the people of Helsinki, but it could be otherwise.

IFK head coach Ville Peltonen condemned in harsh words by Micke-Max Åsten filming in the TPS match at the end of the regular season.

Åsten got a bit hit by Tlearned from Haapasebut played the rest.

It was easy to judge Åsten. He is a workhorse in the backcourt, although valuable in his role.

One of the top defenders Ilari Melart was to destroy IFK’s second quarter-final against Lukko, but Peltonen looked the stupid cross stick through his fingers.

Melart took a five-minute major penalty and flew out of the rink as the second period ended. A fist bump Anrei Hakulinen the head could have been serious, but Hakulinen continued the game, Melart didn’t.

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A ban is coming, if you can bet at all.

Field spoke after the match about Hakulinen’s attack, where the reflex raised Melarti’s hands. What would Peltonen have said if Lukko had scored two or three goals during Melarti’s suspension.

The talks could have turned to anger.

It was IFK’s luck that Lukko was – and has been for a long time in recent weeks – very ineffective on Monday. Luko’s head coach Marko Virtanen said that superiority has been trampled. Apparently, the moves have been wrong, and IFK thanks you for that.

IFK plays for such big things in domestic hockey that there is no room for fooling around. If you can’t raise your own tolerance now, you’re in the wrong place.

Luko’s Russian goalkeeper Artyom Zagidul might have contributed a goal or two in last saturday’s encounter but now caught everything else but Iiro Pakarinen shot puck.

Roope Taponen, 22, with IFK’s goal didn’t let it go. A great performance from the young goalkeeper, who only took a regular place in goal for his team this season.

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In the second quarter-final, one goal was enough, but you can’t count on that scarcity to remain a trump card. IFK must dig a lot more power if they plan to continue to the semi-finals.

The match series is leaning towards Stadion, but by no means over.

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