Comment Hat-raising for two Mr. Futsals who have been lifting Finland to the top – now is the time for others to take responsibility

Autio and Martić leave huge boots to fill, but at the same time they also leave a legacy that will hopefully have successors, writes HS sports journalist Ari Virtanen.

Finland men’s futsal team european semifinal was the last waltz national team captain Panu Autioolle36, and head coach Mićo Martićille.

Deserted was the driving force of the national team for 16 years, and head coach Martić coached Finland for nine years.

They deserve huge thanks for their work in raising the Finnish futsal to the top of Europe. It is not at all too much said that Finland is now at the top of Europe when it reached the top eight in the European Championships.

Each got to praise each other at the last press conference. Better hardly anyone else could say of the gentlemen.

“Panu Autio is an amazing person. He is one of the greatest personalities in our species. He is number one in Finnish futsal, ”said Martić.

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“It’s hard to find words because he [Martić] has been such a great coach, person, friend and leader. He always thinks about the development of the players and puts the players first. He has been my best coach in my sports career, ”Autio said.

Deserted and Martić leave huge boots to fill, but at the same time they also leave a great legacy. Hopefully there will be successors to the work.

Martić has deepened his knowledge of the sport in Finland and created a way of playing and at the same time credible competitiveness for the national team.

Deserted has been the charismatic leader of futsal, who has pioneered the fact that Finland can strive to become a futsal pro for the world.

In their footsteps, the species can have a good future in Finland. The desert will hopefully continue with the species in one way or another.

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