Columns | This was clear blackmail, writes Jari Tervo about Erdoğan’s actions

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan lingered next to his victims in newspaper pictures like a mighty pillar of the world, writes Jari Tervo in his column.

Swamp excuse my french. This was clear extortion. Something was demanded of us that we didn’t want to give, but we gave anyway. We were in danger of losing our membership. It was a matter of life and death for us, as matters of war and peace tend to be for small nations.

Being blackmailed always feels bad. It comes down to the same level as lusmakkeit. In contrast to American films, the hero in this case did not arrest the blackmailer. This was left lingering next to its victims in newspaper pictures like a mighty pillar of the world.

The blackmailer got what he wanted. He still has a few months to start extorting more. We have also learned from the movies that the extortionist is not satisfied with what he originally demanded and received. He goes back to the sands. Bazaar up. Little used principles for cheap. Or else we won’t ratify.

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High flying politics and elegant diplomacy sometimes need to be restored for what they are: shallow and arrogant promotion of one’s own interests. Groaning and humming quietly among those waiting in line. The sole ruler of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blackmailed Finland and Sweden with NATO membership. He happened to have the power to block our entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

No one had ever imagined that specifically Finland and Sweden would be in a key position when fighting terrorism against Turkey. Still, in the memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday, the matter is covered with an article. According to the Finnish translation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, “in order to implement these measures, Finland, Sweden and Turkey will establish a permanent joint mechanism”.

Can a “permanent joint mechanism” be understood other than that the secretaries should immediately put in an order for pump coffee and combed vinaigrettes? Experts from the three countries’ foreign, interior and justice ministries, as well as intelligence services and security agencies, would be available for the permanent and absolutely unnecessary mechanism. What on earth?

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Document it’s a joke, it has to be, except for the section where Turkey supports the membership of Finland and Sweden. Blackmailing these countries was a way for Turkey to put pressure on NATO and thereby the United States.

Turkey gave in on Tuesday after four hours of nagging. On Wednesday, the president Joe Biden the administration announced its support for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey. According to a US official, “The US did not offer anything that was directly related to this (Turkey’s concession)”.

Reasoning is connecting the dots. In this case, it is necessary to connect two points that are even very close in time.

Erdoğan boomed the president Donald Trump’s during the reign when the May Day Ball. Trump called Erdoğan almost weekly. Kindred souls settle the issues of the Middle East, which have always been at a dead end. Trump and Erdoğan make sure that the knot holds.

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When Biden was elected president of the United States, Erdoğan’s cell phone stopped ringing.

Autocrats are narcissistic megalomaniacs. They are almost invariably small souls who want to be great men. Erdoğan is a special case: he is a very small soul who wants to be a very big man.

Journalist Sedef Kabaş told a proverb on Turkish television: “An ox does not become a king by going to a palace, but a palace becomes a barn.”

Kabaş was imprisoned for insulting the president. Under a strange piece of law, around 40,000 Turks have been sued during Erdoğan’s reign.

Kabaş was sentenced to more than two years in prison but was released immediately. His case had received wide publicity outside of Turkey. People are easily offended in Erdoğan’s barn.

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