Columns Right now you can bring peace to another person – Seven Thoughts in a Restless Time

Everyone should start working for peace as close as possible, writes Maaret Kallio in her column.

Every single the reader of this column knows the current state of the world. Images of armored vehicles, houses destroyed in explosions, crying mothers and children with fear in their eyes have been drawn into everyone’s eyes.

Our peace has been broken. Our confidence in the world, in life and in the future has been severely tested. After a long-running corona pandemic, we waited for a gentler time where joy, hope, and faith in the future would return to our minds and treat the weary.

The same was certainly expected in Ukraine, which has been the subject of a shocking attack.

The war in Europe, and above all its initiator, is shaking our security and hopes significantly. Yet we must greedily cling to peace and hope. Our children’s eyes are now turning to us. Our young people look at us as adults and ask if evil can get closer and closer to us. Are we safe? Can we survive?

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Insecurity is naturally excited in our adults as well. The events that have settled in the memories of our families have begun to revive in our minds. The fear of turning history into the future comes to mind.

Yet right now, in the moment, we are safe. Yet, even in the most difficult situations, one must stick to hope. Even in the distressing twilight of the future, you have to make plans, dream and build something new.

As insecurity swings, the boat must lower its ever-heavier anchors of peace into the water.

Only calm can bring peace. We are now closely watched through the eyes of our children and young people. That is why the work of peace must begin as close as possible.

We need to stabilize ourselves so much that we can create security, everyday life and prospects for the smaller and more fragile of us, even in difficult situations. Even if we are scared, we have the safety of many.

So start with peace. Ask and listen to how you currently are. Stabilize your own well-being and root yourself in everyday events, doing concrete things and continuing life. Strengthen hope with tight hugs. Don’t give power to panic or fear, but cherish peace in every way so that you can pass it on to those around you as well.

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Note, understand and allow what happens to you and your loved ones. Wake up to the urge to follow the news moment by moment. Still, guide yourself and your family to other activities as well. Trust that countless wise adults will resolve peace on a global scale in every way, and your most important work of peace is very close.

Also talk to your body, not just words. Notice how the mind can be overwhelmed and the thought broken. Allow moments of memory degradation under heavy load.

Listen to a body that communicates an important status report about the state of your mind. Notice the jealousy of breathing, the flutter of restlessness. Therefore, also provide safety for the body.

Protect your night, rest and sleep. Fatigue increases the threat, but rest builds peace.

Grab others peace. Let the conversations come and go, share and reflect together on the world situation and the feelings that awaken in your mind. Then ground together for everyday life, every opening spring morning, a cup of coffee, clean sheets or the gentle steam of the sauna.

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Cherish determination and strength so that the mind does not begin to escape too much.

Consciously create space and time for peace. Listen to yourself and your loved ones when it’s time to act and when it’s most important to rest. Allow your everyday life, life and worldview to do something completely different.

Water the flowers, let the film take a break, take the dance steps and take care of the power of the music. Build peace with a lego block at a time, ironing by ironing and breathing by breathing.

Don’t seek peace. Be that. Be it to yourself, others, our youth, our children. Together, we create an immeasurably long chain of peace in which everyone takes turns carrying and being carried. We will survive, inevitably.

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