Chess Chess’s 16-year-old “prodigy” wins superstar Magnus Carlsen: “Historical achievement”

Praggnanandha Rameshbabu won the Magnus Carlsen online tournament.

16 years old Indian Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabua has been called the prodigy of chess for years. He is said to have been a much better player at the age of 12 than the current world chess champion and superstar in Norway. Magnus Carlsen was the same age, says the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK.

Rameshbabu became a chess grandmaster at the age of 12. He reached the milestone as the second youngest player Sergei Karjakinin after.

On Sunday, Rameshbabu faced Carlsen in a chess online tournament – and won. Carlsen was not quite in full condition as he recently contracted coronary heart disease, but in India, the joy has been taken away from the victory.

“A Historical Achievement in Indian Sports,” an Indian Times Now declared.

“Praggnanandha won Carlsen for the first time with 39 moves on black pieces and left Carlsen in complete shock.”

The Times Now recalled that Rameshbabu became the third Indian to defeat Carlsen. They have been able to do the same Viswanathan Anand and Pentala Harikrishna.

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Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar also rejoiced at the 16-year-old’s victory: “You have made India proud.”

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