Britain Poll: The British views on the flow of Brexit are quite negative

A significant minority of those in favor of EU secession also believe that Brexit has gone badly.

Over 60 % of British citizens think that Brexit, or Britain’s difference from the EU, has gone badly or worse than expected, says the British newspaper The Guardian based on a recent survey.

The most surprising result of the survey was that such a large majority of those who voted in favor of Brexit – 42% – consider the EU gap to be poor.

Of the year In the 2016 referendum, 26 percent of respondents who supported Brexit think the EU resignation went worse than expected.

On the other hand, 16 percent of Brexit supporters say they expected it to go badly and were right.

Less surprising is the fact that 86% of those who oppose Brexit consider the EU gap to have gone badly or worse than expected.

Brexit-everyday it is now a year since it began. The transition period for Brexit ended on 1 January 2020.

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