Biden pardons three people and commutes 75 sentences


Joe Biden

Joe Biden, US President


Ting Shen/Bloomberg

Joe Biden, US President

The president detailed his strategy to increase employment opportunities for ex-prisoners.

The president of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, announced on Tuesday the pardon of three people and the commutation of the sentence of another 75some grace measures that he framed in his plan to make the judicial system fairer and reduce crime.

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It’s a statement, Biden also detailed his strategy to increase employment opportunities for people who have been released from prison, as well as a plan to give “second chances” to those who have spent time behind bars.

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The three people who have received pardons from the president are Abraham W. Bolden, Betty Jo Bogans, and Dexter Eugene Jackson.and none of them were to date behind bars.

Bolden, an 86-year-old African-American, is a former US Secret Service agent who was found guilty in 1964 of trying to sell a copy of a Secret Service file, but has always maintained his innocence. bogans is a woman
51, who was sentenced to seven in prison in 1998 for possession and intent
of distributing crack cocaine in Texas.

Jackson is a 52-year-old man who was convicted in 2002 of using his business to facilitate the distribution of marijuana in the state of Georgia.

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