Ay movement | Akava’s outgoing chairman Sture Fjäder refuses to take his vacation, even though the vice-chairmen demand it

The vice presidents have required Fjäder to take unused vacations. Fjäder says he won’t make it because he’s traveling abroad saying goodbye to his many long-term collaborators.

Foaming in the umbrella organization of higher education workers in Akava continues. According to information obtained by HS from several sources, the outgoing chairman Sture Fjäder does not agree to take his numerous unused vacation days, even though the vice-presidents have required him to do so.

Fjäder will leave his season in the middle of the union meeting in mid-November. He said in August that he would run for the parliamentary elections from the coalition’s list. Due to the candidacy, the responsibility for managing Akava’s activities and monitoring interests, i.e. the majority of Fjäder’s work duties, was transferred to others.

Fjäder will receive a full salary from Akava until the end of the year. If he does not keep his unused vacation days, he can receive them as money after the end of the employment relationship. Some people from Akava suspect in the background discussions that this is exactly what Fjäder is aiming for.

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Awkward first vice president Jari Jokinen confirms that the board learned in September that Fjäder has unused vacations.

“We have discussed this with Sture. I think we have an understanding that he will stay on vacation when he can. In the presidency, we have required that he spend as much vacation as possible before mid-November,” says Jokinen.

Feather again tells HS that he has no intention of taking vacations before mid-November, i.e. the end of his season.

“The chairman decides himself when to take his vacation. And now I can’t, because until the middle of November I’m caught up in everything in the world. I’m going around now meeting people I’ve worked with a lot and saying goodbye. That is also one of my rights,” says Fjäder.

He has several business trips abroad in the program.

“Next week I’m going to Sweden, then there are two days before the board of the occupational pension company Elo. Then I go to Sweden again to meet other people. I’m going to say goodbye to a think tank [ajatushautomolle]. And then next week I’ll be in Denmark meeting people. And then there’s Brussels, I go there twice. And then I accept invoices, and now I’m constantly sparring with my subordinates.”

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Fjäder does not want to comment on the matter further.

Vice chairman Someone has a different idea about whether the chairman can decide on the use of his vacations in all cases himself.

According to Jokinen, Akava’s board can order the chairman to go on vacation if he has accumulated unused vacation days from previous vacation seasons. Someone does not take a position on whether the government intends to do this.

Jokinen will apply as Fjäder’s successor at the union meeting to be held in November. His counter-candidate is the executive director of Juko, the trained negotiation organization of the Public Sector Maria Löfgren.

Vice-presidents and the friction between chairman Fjäder became public this week. The vice presidents expressed in his extraordinary statementthat it is not acceptable or good manners for Fjäder to conduct an election campaign on social media while serving as chairman of Akava.

In addition to Joki, Akava’s vice presidents are: Katarina Murto, Salla Luomanmäki and Mikko Salo.

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Fjäder’s absence in the middle of the presidency sparked a public debate in the summer.

HS told about the so-called in June about the safe deposit box agreementwhere Fjäder had agreed with the presidents of Akava’s major member unions that he would leave in the middle of his four-year term.

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