Athletics | Annimari Korte had to be hospitalized – “The job went wrong”

Hurdle runner Annimari Korte said on social media that she was hospitalized. The reason is food poisoning.

Quick beeper Annimari Korte says on Instagram that he is in hospital. In his stories, he published a picture of a hospital bed with an oxygen mustache on his nose and a drip in his hand.

“I already thought after the great fall that this would be the first year in twenty years that I wouldn’t have to go to the hospital for one reason or another, but already in February things went wrong,” Korte writes.

“All the tests have been done. I had food poisoning, which caused bleeding for a few days. No wonder I felt a bit weak during the trip to Stockholm.”

Korte updated a week ago from Sweden that his run had been “miserable”. According to him, the reason for the poor performance was found now.

Korte already said in Suli’s press release over the weekend that he would go for a check-up on Monday due to a stomach ailment.

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Horsetail has broken his records on various trips this government term.

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