Agriculture Finland aims to reduce agricultural emissions by 29 percent by 2035

Alder: We will significantly increase the agricultural climate’s ambition.

Government On Thursday, Finland approved the national plan for the EU common agricultural policy programming period 2023–2027. At the same time, the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 29% by 2035 from 2019 was also set.

According to official estimates, agricultural emissions at that time amounted to about 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The target for 2035 is thus 11.4 million tonnes.

Finland’s plan will next be submitted to the EU Commission for evaluation and approval. Minister of Agriculture Jari Leppä (Central) praised the National Plan as a balanced package that supports both active food production, rural development and climate and environmental goals.

“We will significantly increase the climate ambition of agriculture and also take care of the unique Archipelago Sea,” Leppä said.

Implementation a research professor at the Natural Resources Center has been appointed to supervise Heikki Lehtonen. Lehtonen told STT that the measures recorded in Finland’s plan are relatively mild and do not significantly affect the hard core of emissions.

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“The canton is the structure of the EU’s agricultural policy, which focuses on area payments. Emission reductions would be needed in peatlands, carbon sequestration in mineral lands should be increased and an energy shift should be made in agriculture. ”

The main problem with the structure of the support policy is that farmers are only offered compensation for loss of income and costs.

“That in itself is not yet a strong motive for achieving large emission reductions, especially for activities that require investment and effort.”

According to Lehtonen, one sensible measure would be, for example, to get 30,000 hectares of peatland for wetland cultivation so that the farmer does not lose agricultural subsidies.

Discourse Most of the agricultural emissions have been to peatlands, which account for a large part of Finland’s agricultural emissions. According to Lepp, emissions from peatlands will be reduced both within the CAP program and through additional measures.

The role and effects of peatlands are also to be clarified through soil research. The alder stressed the need for peat fields.

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“Last summer showed very clearly the importance of secure peatlands for our security of supply.”

Minister for the Environment and Climate Emma Kari (green) wrote in their commentsthat setting an emissions target is a huge step in the right direction and that there is a lot of room and potential for further action. There is an urgent need to reduce agricultural emissions, as agricultural emissions have not decreased throughout the 21st century.

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