Activism | Famous museums published a statement about the attacks on works of art

Activists have made several attacks on art museums in recent weeks. A statement released on Thursday said the activists behind the attacks underestimated the fragility of the irreplaceable works.

More than 90 known On Thursday, the museum issued a joint statement in which they appealed to climate activists to leave the famous works of art alone in their protests. This is reported by the news agency AFP.

In recent weeks, activists have carried out several attacks on art museums around Europe. With their actions, they wanted to draw attention to the climate crisis. Activists have, for example, thrown soup and mashed potatoes on top of world-famous paintings and glued themselves to works of art.

Among other things, the target has been an artist Vincent van Gogh paintings. None of the artworks have been damaged in the attacks. In some cases, damage has occurred to the frames and protective glasses surrounding the works.

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Thursday the released statement says the activists behind the attacks underestimated the fragility of the irreplaceable works. The directors of the art museums who signed the statement say that they are shocked by the “risky endangerment” of the works of art.

“[Teokset] should be preserved as part of our world’s cultural heritage,” the announcement says.

The statement was prepared by the Prado art museum in Mardid, and among its signatories are the directors of the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The list of signatories also includes the Director-General of the National Museum of Finland Elina Anttila.

Art museum leaders say they intend to continue to advocate for the accessibility of cultural heritage.

“We intend to keep the museum as a free space for social interaction,” the announcement says.

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