Video: they beat and force a man who would have killed his daughter to eat from the floor


Dario Chaparro

He charged the man with the crime of simple homicide, since he is not the biological father of the victim.


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The man was accused of the crime of simple homicide, since he is not the biological father of the victim.

The autopsy revealed that the two-year-old baby died from multiple injuries to her body.

Darío Chamorro, 26, and Milagros Torres are accused of murder his daughter two years old Initially, the couple took the baby to the hospital in Merlo, Argentina, stating that she died when she fell out of bed.

The medical personnel reported that the minor’s body had a laceration to the liver, injuries to the head, abdomen, and leg, which did not correspond to the version given by her parents.

Faced with these facts, the judge ordered the arrest of Torres and Chamorro, who were charged with “aggravated homicide by the relationship” in the case of the mother and “simple homicide” for the minor’s stepfather.

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The 26-year-old man was transferred to the Padua prison, where his cellmates beat him up and forced him to eat his food from the floor.

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In the video you can hear how the prisoners threaten Dario Chamorro, “Did you kill the girl? Get ready… ”, he tells her as they punch and kick him several times. Seconds later they made him apologize and forced him to eat food from the floor that they themselves would have thrown.

Faced with the facts, the biological father of the murdered girl asked for speed in the case, “as a father I am destroyed, now that justice is done for my daughter. They should not let them go in 2 or 3 years as happens many times, that they pay for what they did, ”he mentioned on his Facebook profile.

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