Video: clashes between the police and the public over the Djokovic case

Protesters at Djokovic Detention Center

The police standing guard in front of the detention center where Novak Djokovic was being held.

The police standing guard in front of the detention center where Novak Djokovic was being held.

The Serbian received the endorsement to be in Australia.

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An Australian court on Monday ordered the release of the number one tennis player, the Serbian Novak Djokovic, who had been held since last Thursday in a hotel in the city of Melbourne after the revocation of your visa for not being vaccinated against covid-19.

Judge Anthony Kelly of the Melbourne Federal Circuit Court ordered the Australian Government to implement the release, hand over his passport and personal effects and pay the legal costs.

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The court decision would allow Djokovic to participate in the Australian Open, which if he won would become his tenth title of that tournament and his twenty-first Grand Slam and thus surpass the Swiss Roger Federer and the Spanish Rafael Nadal.


At the virtual hearing, the Australian Government agreed to reverse its decision to cancel the visa, although attorney Christopher Tran noted that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is considering using his special powers to deport Djokovic.

The decision gave for everything. Immediately, the streets of Melbourne were invaded by people who confronted the police.

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