University of Helsinki “Those in charge are being picked up for hanging,” shouted one of thousands of messages to the researcher – the University of Helsinki quietly developed a strategy against brutal cyberbullying

Professor Olli Vapalahti, researcher Sari Bäck and communications expert Tomas Sjöblom have all encountered a web attack on science.

Tomas Sjöblom, the leader of the University of Helsinki’s Somet team, says that researchers’ online harassment is a growing problem that has already been addressed. Research topics that are vulnerable to disruption include climate change, gender, equality, migration, vaccinations and wolves.

Somessa sparkled an unusual amount. It was the end of October in the fall of 2021.

The University of Helsinki had drifted passionately and strangely board game conversation to the core. Some students had dressed for the African Star theme at their party, and the choice of costume had become the number one topic in the kingdom.

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