Television review As We See It Fulfills Many Wishes: Autistic Actors Performing Autistic Roommates

In fact, the series is bothered in the early part by too much showability.

Helsinki Messages interviewed a year ago student and campaigner Rosanna Katajaa, which criticizes the misleading and stereotypical image of people with autism in films and TV series. He also hoped to see autistic Actors in autistic roles.

This is what happens in Prime Video’s new drama series As We See It (2022–). Based on the Israeli series As We See It tells of three twenties in their twenties studying independent living in Los Angeles. Autism is a complicating and life-limiting factor for individuals in the series.

Overweight Harrison (Albert Rutecki) it is already difficult to leave home. Jack (Rick Glassman) go to work, but lack of social skills makes it difficult to cope on and off work.

Violet, a fast food restaurant (Sue Ann Pien) would love to find a boyfriend, specifically a non-autistic one. The character is also interesting in that the autistic characters in the movies and TV series have traditionally been men.

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Itthat the main characters in the series see three people with autism in different ways makes the treatment of autism more diverse and realistic.

The message of the series is the most humane, but in the early part of the series there is too much showiness.

Autistic Actors, on the other hand, do better than well. There is an exceptional humanity and richness in acting.

As We See It, Prime Video.

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