Suspected criminal offenses Police statistics show exceptional suspicion of attempted treason – a “case between private individuals” was found in the background

Police recorded a criminal suspicion of treason directly on the basis of an individual report.

21.2. 13:51

The police According to recent crime statistics, the Eastern Finland Police Department has registered a suspicion of treason last year. According to the police department, the case has already been closed and no attempted treason has actually taken place.

A very exceptional criminal title ended up in the statistics of the Eastern Finnish police last year, when an individual reported several possible crimes to the police. One of them was a treason attempt.

After recording the report, the police stated in the preliminary investigation that there is no reason to suspect that the attempted treason had taken place. The handling of other suspicions reported by a person has also been closed for the same reason.

“This is a matter between private individuals related to the custody of a child,” says the Eastern Finland Police Crime Commissioner. Tarja Lehtonen.

According to Lehtonen, the police department acted in accordance with normal practice when it recorded a criminal suspicion of treason directly on the basis of a private person’s report.

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Another option, according to Lehtonen, would have been to record the case as a so-called mixed report, in which case it would not have ended up in criminal statistics.

“Neither way is the wrong way,” says Lehtonen.

Finland According to the Penal Code, a citizen may commit treason by joining the enemy’s armed forces or participating in hostilities against Finland during war, armed conflict or occupation. A foreign citizen can also commit treason in certain situations.

Attempting treason is a punishable act.

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