Skiing Jasmi Joensuu estimates that she is in the best condition of her life: “The top of the world has converged considerably”

Joensuu, representing the Vantaa Ski Club, won the first general series personal Finnish championship in his career.


When all the best female skiers in Finland were last on the line at the same time in the domestic competitions in November at the Taivalkoski Finnish Cup, representing the Vantaa Ski Association Jasmi Joensuu ranked (p) eighth.

On Saturday, in the tenth (p) of the Finnish Championships in Imatra, those seven women were above Krista Pärmäkoski Joensuu was, in a way, supposed to win the first personal Finnish championship in his career. It was as if earmarked for him.

This is also what happened, and at the same time Joensuu showed what exactly is the difference between a national team skier and those who go at the national level.

Joensuu was absolutely superior, as it received silver Julia Häger lost as much as a minute and 18 seconds. That means eight seconds per kilometer.

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Joensuu struck so hard that he would probably be high even with all the best.

“It tasted very good. I thought a 45 second difference to second would be a tough performance. The body was playing today, and it was already felt in the morning that good skiing was coming. I left with a pair of credit and wanted to have a hard and good success on a normal trip, ”said Joensuu in the severe frost of Ukonniemi Ski Stadium.

Joensuu presented a strong mood already in Friday’s sprint message (v), which he won with ten bronze medalists Anni Kainulainen with.

“I’m definitely in the best shape of my life right now. Yesterday already said that. I hope it will also be seen in international competitions. Technically, skiing may not be as good as I would like, but two big things have happened in two years. The top of the world has converged considerably, and if such a leap comes again, then we are really high, ”said Joensuu, whose choice for the Beijing Olympic team is practically certain.

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With Ruka’s mc ten (p), Joensuu was the fourth best Finn. He also wanted Imatra to show that he is a notable skier even on normal trips.

“I’ve been told I’d be a sprinter, but I don’t experience that. However, this was also important evidence for the Olympics. I definitely want to ski there more than just sprinting. I know I have something to offer for other trips as well. ”

The thing is complete.

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