Skiing Iivo Niskanen’s great gesture ended up as front-page news in Colombia, although the Games are hardly followed in the country: “Most people hardly know anything about them”

The hug of a Finnish skier is gaining praise.

This if anything is an indication of the Olympic spirit. In a nutshell, the reaction of the international media Iivo Niskasen gesture after winning the 15-kilometer Olympic gold medal.

The new gold medalist Niskanen was in the finish area against the Colombian Carlos Andres Quintana and congratulated him on his hard work.

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“At the Olympic level, every performance and athlete is valuable and appreciated,” Niskanen explained to the press about his behavior after the competition.

Quintana, a former endurance runner, appreciated the gesture of an Olympic winner.

“It was a good time there [maalialueella] and afterwards I was also congratulated by the Norwegian [pronssimitalisti Johannes Hösflot Kläbo]”Quintana said according to the Colombian channel Antena 2.

Gesture was listed all the way to Quintana’s home country. Deputy Head of the Embassy of Finland in Bogotá Tomi Lounio pointed out on Twitter how the country ‘s largest newspaper, El Tiempo, noticed Niskanen on its front page.

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In Colombia, the Winter Olympics are not actually monitored with respiration.

“The Winter Olympics have not been seen in Colombia. Most people hardly know anything about them. But yesterday on the front page of the country’s largest newspaper, our own Iivo Niskanen congratulated Carlos Quintana, the first participant in the history of Colombia! ” Lounio has tweeted.

On his homepage, El Tiempo tells how “a warm hug in the middle of the snow glowed with the Olympic spirit”.

“Carlos Quintana was the last of the race, and this was a big gesture for the Olympic winner,” the magazine headlined on their website.

El Tiempo says Quintana, 37, became passionate about cross-country skiing after seeing her compatriot Sebastián Uprimnyn competing in the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018. Previously, Quintana has competed in e.g. in a triathlon.

Quintana had never been in the snow before he embarked on his Olympic adventure. For the first three years, she did not receive support for her project, but last year the Colombian Olympic Committee provided support that allowed Quintana to train in better conditions in different parts of the world.

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“I hope that with this experience, I will encourage children to practice the sport to increase its popularity in Colombia.”

Niskasen the gesture was also widely praised more closely in the countries following the Games. For example, the American media USA Today and ESPN both praised the Finns.

“How about this is about the Olympic spirit,” ESPN praised.

“Finland’s Iivo Niskanen showed the greatest possible athleticism at the Beijing Olympics,” USA Today shouted.

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