Russian attack Russians have gotten into the city of Kherson and dictated strict rules to the townspeople, says 22-year-old Nikita, who believes Ukrainian troops will still win

Nikita from Kherson, who was interviewed by HS, says that the Ukrainian flag is still flying on the roof of the city’s administration building. According to him, the city has not actually been occupied, but Russian forces “have just remained there”.

Russian forces have infiltrated the first major Ukrainian city in a week-long attack.

Mayor of Kherson, with a population of about 300,000 in southern Ukraine Ihor Kolyhaiev has announced that there are no more Ukrainian army troops in the city. However, according to US sources, it is still too early to declare the city occupied, Reuters reports.

What is certain, however, is that Russian troops have entered Kherson. The arrival of the occupiers was preceded by several bombings across the city, says a 22-year-old startup entrepreneur living in Kherson Nikita. He doesn’t appear in the whole story for security reasons.

Two days ago, the bombing ceased when Russian troops entered the city.

“Russian forces are practically everywhere,” Nikita tells HS by phone.

He says he saw a few tanks with the letter Z on the side. That means they are Russian. Friends from all over the city have also posted pictures and videos of the bombings.

Nikita has lived all his life in Kherson, as has his family. He lives in an apartment building in the city center – not on the top or bottom floor, so Nikita thinks the place is relatively safe.

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Nikita says the Ukrainian flag is still flying on the roof of the administration building. According to him, the city has not actually been occupied and no new administration has been established there. Russian troops “have just stayed put”.

He thinks Kherson itself is not an interesting city, but the occupiers will next try to get to the northwest of Mykolaiv. Ukrainian troops are yet to come and save the city, Nikita believes.

“Now I’m just thinking about what’s next for my meal or if it’s at all.”

Speaking of the will of the Ukrainians to fight, his speech speeds up and the sentences sound solemn.

“I am 100% sure that all Ukrainian citizens are ready. I feel it. The Ukrainian armed forces are ready to fight, they are fighting and will continue to do so. I see it with my own eyes. ”

For now Nikita has enough food in stock, but she hopes occupiers will allow the stores to receive supplements. Nikita has heard that some stores have given people food for free.

“People are still people,” he says.

Nikita says he couldn’t escape the city earlier because it was too dangerous.

You can’t leave anymore. Roads out of the city are blocked.

The occupiers have set new strict rules. You can only go outside one at a time or in pairs, you can only drive the car quietly. There is a curfew at night.

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Although the situation is shocking in every way, it is also interesting for Nikita: this is the first war he has experienced.

“The opportunities to make plans are very narrow. Now I’m just thinking about what’s next for my meal or if it’s at all. ”

All his loved ones are safe, but every now and then he hears how someone he knows has lost someone.

“Estimating the numbers of victims and the devastation is difficult, but I know many families were left homeless. Many were left without electricity, water and fuel. ”

Nikita has greetings to the president who started the war To Vladimir Putin.

“Putin is the number one murderer and terrorist in the world. He has once again shown his madness to the world, ”he says.

He emphasizes that Ukraine is an independent country with its own borders, its own language, culture and government.

“Ukraine will win because the truth is on our side and the light will overcome the darkness”

An airstrike at a gas station flew debris into the air in the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine last Friday. The image is a still image from a video taken from a car and uploaded to social media.

Russian the armed forces also continued the violent and blatant bombing of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. According to Reuters, a large strip of the city center has been bombed into rubble.

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About one and a half million people live in Kharkov. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi accused Russia on Tuesday of war crimes related to Kharkov, a population of about one and a half million.

On Tuesday, at least ten people were killed in attacks that hit the Kharkiv Opera House, concert hall and local government buildings, among others, the BBC reported.

CNN said Thursday that Russian bombs or missiles have hit at least three schools. In addition, the cathedral, shops and residential buildings have been bombed.

Russia claims it will not strike civilian targets.

Russian troops have also hit the city of Chernihiv on Thursday. At least 33 people have been killed in the attack on the residential area, according to AFP news agency.

The area of ​​the National University has been bombed in Kharkov. The picture was distributed to the media by the Ukrainian rescue authority on Wednesday.

Rescue workers extinguishing fires in Kharkov on Wednesday.

Bombed school in Kharkov.

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