Russian attack In a video shared on social media, Ukrainian soldiers appear to be using Finnish artillery shells

The Ministry of Defense did not confirm whether Finland had made 155 TKR 88 ammunition available to the Ukrainian army.

On Friday In a video uploaded to Twitter, the Ukrainian Armed Forces seems to be firing on Finnish-made 155 TKR 88 artillery shells with Italian FH70 howitzer.

The video shows how Ukrainian soldiers put the cannon on standby. After that, the soldiers allegedly load 155 TKR 88 ammunition into Finland.

The video was shared on Twitter by Ukraine Weapons Tracker. The account tracks the military equipment used in the offensive war launched by Russia. Possibly Finnish-made ammunition can be seen on video in 0:51.

Ministry of Defense did not confirm to Helsingin Sanomat that the ammunition shown in the video had been delivered from Finland to Ukraine.

Director of Communications at the Ministry of Defense Niina Hyrsky comments that the ministry is unable to provide detailed information on the content or movements of material assistance decisions.

“We justify this by ensuring operational and transportation security, as well as the fact that disclosing details of this donated material and entity could jeopardize the interests of national defense,” Hyrsky says.

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According to Hyrsky, the fact that the details of the material aid decisions are not disclosed to the public is not due to the fact that Finland would be careful not to anger Russia. He also added that the Coordination Group of more than 40 states, set up to provide military assistance to Ukraine, had called for no further details on the assistance provided to Ukraine.

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SWEDISH Docent of Military Sciences at the National Defense College Ilmari Käihkö considers it possible that Finland has supplied Ukraine with artillery ammunition shown on video.

Ilmari Käihkö

“Yes, we know that armed material assistance has been provided. And it has not been said what support it is in practice. ”

According to Käihkö, there is a possibility that Finnish ammunition would have ended up in Ukraine via other countries. He emphasizes that Finland has traditionally had a strict line of avoiding ammunition in conflict areas.

However, Ukraine may be an exception in this respect, Käihkö estimates.

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“It is possible that Finland has sold these supplies to a country, and then they have been given to Ukraine. It is also possible that these munitions have left Finland or have been issued with Finland’s consent. ”

Cuckoo sees that the details of the material assistance provided are not made public in order to ensure that the assistance reaches the front.

“It may be smart not to talk more about the quality of the aid to make sure the aid reaches Ukraine and the front. Security is the reason why this is not talked about in public. ”

Käihkö says that Russia is trying to influence the fact that Western aid will not end up in Ukraine. In his opinion, it would be naive to assume that Russia would not try to influence Finland’s material supplies.

“Of course you have to be prepared for that. We know and it is reasonable to assume that Russia will do everything in its power to ensure that Western aid does not end up in Ukraine. ”

“Security is the reason why this is not talked about in public.”

Cuckoo however, identifies problems in not disclosing the details of the armed material to the public.

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The adequacy of the aid cannot be discussed if it is not possible to have a public debate on it, he said.

“Not talking about the content of the aid makes the public debate more difficult. If more was known about the aid, it could be discussed whether the aid was sufficient. The security aspect of arms aid can also be used to prevent a public debate. Of course, it has its advantages, but this is the disadvantage. ”

He adds that there is nothing new in the secrecy of the details of arms aid, as Finland, for example, has said little about its international operations in public. However, Käihkö sees the war of aggression launched by Russia as a different situation.

“This is, of course, quite different when it comes to a war in which our neighbor is involved. Of course, there is a need for caution, which will certainly affect how things are communicated to the public. ”

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