Restrictions The corona passport is likely to be introduced over the weekend: many metropolitan nightclubs plan to keep their doors open right into the morning

Many details related to the use of the corona passport are still open. The passport will likely be available over the weekend.

14.10. 19:20 | Updated 14.10. 20:33

Digital a corona certificate, or corona passport, may be approved by parliament on friday. If the amendments to the Communicable Diseases Act are passed, the corona passport will be introduced as early as the weekend.

Helsinki and the rest of the Helsinki metropolitan area are currently in the process of spreading the coronavirus epidemic. Catering shops are allowed from 7 a.m. to midnight and may be open from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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The introduction of the Koron passport means that, for example, nightclubs in the Helsinki metropolitan area can be celebrated until this morning as early as this Saturday. In those restaurants where guests are required to have a corona pass, it is possible to continue partying for the wee hours. If the restaurant does not require a corona passport from its guests, the applicable restrictions will remain.

CEO of Mara, representing travel and restaurant services Timo Lappi told HS last week that it believes the introduction of the corona passport will be of interest to nightclub entrepreneurs.

HOK-Elannon restaurant industry manager Henriikka Poland says the corona passport is scheduled to be introduced on Saturday at about fifteen chain restaurants.

“Restrictions on dispensing time, opening hours and customer seats will be removed when the corona passport is introduced. Of course, the customer makes the decision whether to use the passport and thus enjoy the evening for longer. ”

In the future, alcohol can be sold again until four in the morning, if permits allow it.

Restaurant industry and, in particular, the operation of on-trade restaurants has been restricted in many ways for a year and a half.

According to Poland, changes in the sector have been made at a very fast pace. The changes have required a lot from those working in the field.

“The introduction of the corona passport, for example, affects the planning of shifts: they are made new on a fast schedule. There are no exact instructions for Saturday yet, but many things are open. We will be much wiser after that night. ”

Restrictions in the restaurant sector have also increased labor shortages in the sector. Your Poland says that workers have changed sectors as the corona epidemic continues.

“There is a labor shortage across the country. That’s understandable, as the Korona time has been extremely stressful for staff and the entire restaurant business. Even during these months, the restrictions have changed more than fourteen times in our area of ​​operation, ie in the Helsinki metropolitan area. ”

The metropolitan area Significant players also include the restaurant company Noho Partners.

“We are positive about the introduction of the corona passport, although it raises emotions,” says Noho Partners’ CEO Aku Vikström.

He has wondered why nightclubs have been elevated to number one in terms of the risk of corona infections.

“I don’t know if nightclubs are more dangerous at risk of infection than other places where people move. If so, using a corona passport is a good thing if the alternative is to keep the doors of the nightclubs closed. ”

Many restaurants say they are ready to operate on a fast schedule.

Four of Noho Partners’ nightclubs are adopting the corona passport on Saturday. The company also has restaurants in Denmark, where the corona passport has already been used.

“The corona passport has worked quite easily in practice. It is an app that can be downloaded to the phone and checked at the restaurant door. ”

Vikström says that the coming weekend is expected to be lively.

“People need to be able to enjoy each other and spend the evening.”

Part about restaurants, the introduction of the corona passport on its website. Many say they are ready to act on a fast schedule.

For example, the nightclub Kaiku on Hämeentie says that it will be open on Saturday from 10 pm to 4.30 pm, if the passport is then available.

The introduction of the Koronapass and the consequent transition to normal opening hours will be announced by, among others, the well-known nightclub Charles XII on Kasarmikatu and the Merikerho bar located next to Sörnäinen beach road.

The sea club says on its Facebook page that it will introduce the corona pass already on the night between Friday and Saturday, when the day changes to Saturday.

Some nightclubs that closed their doors due to the corona epidemic had not yet announced their weekend changes on Thursday.


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