Restaurants Restaurants consider new approach to corona passport – Finland’s largest restaurant company Noho introduces passport in more than 100 restaurants

Restaurant restrictions will be tightened on the night between Saturday and Sunday, so restaurants will have to reconsider their approach to requiring a corona passport.

Government The strict restaurant policy immediately provoked reactions in the restaurant industry, when, for example, Finland’s largest restaurant company Noho Partners announced on Thursday that it would introduce a corona passport in its restaurants in areas where the corona pandemic was spreading next Sunday.

Restaurant restrictions are tightening on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and are now forcing restaurants in the coronavir virus spread areas to decide whether to take a coroner passport requirement.

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According to Noho, the introduction of the coron passport will affect the company’s more than one hundred food and beverage restaurants in areas where the coronavirus is spreading, such as Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa.

“Due to the changed corona situation and settings, we will be making extensive use of the corona pass in our restaurants. We want to ensure a healthy restaurant experience for all our customers and a safe working environment for our staff, ”says the CEO of Noho Partners Aku Vikström in the company bulletin.

Family- and the Minister of Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) said on the new guidelines at a press conference on Thursday. Under the new rules, alcohol should be stopped at all restaurants in the distribution area by 5 pm, but the restriction could be completely waived with a corona passport.

If, on the other hand, the restaurant serving alcohol does not require a corona pass, it could only be open from 5 am to 6 pm.

Noho Partners says it has previously had a corona pass in use at several of its entertainment restaurants and nightclubs in pandemic areas. It also says it has a positive experience with the use of the corona passport in its restaurants in Denmark.

“The experience of using the passport has been mainly positive, and its use has been good in cooperation with our customers. The passport has allowed us to do almost normal business”Says Vikström.

Notably Kannelpub, a smaller player in the industry, is also likely to start demanding a corona passport from its customers soon.

“It feels compelling to introduce a corona passport now. I can’t put a seat out of five, then I would have to lay off some of the staff, ”says the owner of Kannelpub Amarjit Sandhu.

His experience with smaller suburban restaurants is that if a place has demanded a coron pass from its customers, there have been no customers in the place, at least until the crowds.

HS also interviewed him a couple of weeks ago, in which case he said half of the customers would drop if a passport was required. So now this may be the case if customers do not obtain an interest rate passport.

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