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I do not support a hasty military alliance. A difficult decision requires maturation.

Russian the attack on Ukraine is a heinous act and is causing uncertainty about European security. Russia’s actions have shocked many, including me. However, far-reaching security policy solutions must not be taken, understandably, in a state of shock.

Joining the military alliance should not be done on the basis of an opinion poll, and especially not on the basis of the roar of social media.

I am not in favor of a hasty military alliance, a difficult decision requires maturation. It must be underlined, for example, that NATO does provide security guarantees, but on the contrary, it means that Finns give security guarantees to other member states. What would be Finland’s role as a NATO country in the Baltic Sea region? Is it the case that Finland’s own defense forces are no longer sufficient as a sufficient deterrent?

Our most important partner is Sweden. At the very least, close contacts must be maintained with Sweden when deciding on NATO. I would consider it a good solution for Finland and Sweden to join the military alliance at the same time, if that is the case.

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The decision on a military alliance must be made in parliamentary order, using discretion. There must be reasonable assurance that membership of the military alliance will improve the security of Finns and increase Finland’s room for maneuver in foreign policy. Although there is a crisis, far-reaching decisions should not be made without consideration.

I find it clear that our country’s foreign and security policy leadership has significantly more expertise and intelligence available than I do. For this reason, due to the information available, I give my full support to Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) and the rest of Finland’s foreign and security policy leadership.

At this point, we do not need a tearing debate (this has already happened). We do not want to bully Russian-speaking people living in Finland. We need unity in difficult times. Therefore, also restrained in terms of military alliance and therefore appreciation and support for the leadership of our country.

The best security policy is unity in difficult times. My heart is on the side of the Ukrainian people. Now let us focus on helping Ukraine.

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Juha Jaatinen


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