Police A new main police station for Eastern Uusimaa police is planned in Jokiniemi, Vantaa

According to the plan, a police prison would be completed in the summer of 2023 and a good year later in the fall of 2024 a police station.

Eastern Uusimaa A new main police station is planned for the police department in Jokiniemi, Vantaa, Senate Properties informs.

The Senate Properties and the National Board of Police, together with the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, have approved a project plan for the construction of a new main police station at Jokiniemenkuja 2, the release states.

The police station is to be built in two phases. According to the plan, a police prison would be completed in the summer of 2023 and a good year later in the fall of 2024 a police station.

“Extensive reviews have been carried out in recent years to implement the project, but now it would appear that the groundwork for the police prison will begin as early as next spring,” said Senate Real Estate Developer, who is responsible for the project. Johanna Virsu says in a press release.

All Vantaa police services will be located at the new main police station.

Today The main police station in Eastern Uusimaa, Vantaa, is divided into two offices. The police department’s station responsible for criminal matters is located in connection with Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and, for example, the office responsible for licensing services in connection with Tikkurila’s station, about a kilometer from the planned new station.

“The Jokiniemi police station will be the main police station in our entire police department, where the important functions of our police department are centralized. The location is good for customers, as the police station is located in the center of good traffic connections in Tikkurila, ”says the police chief. Ilkka Koskimäki In a press release from the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

“When completed, Vantaa’s main police station will be the first large main police station to be modularly designed in accordance with the new police station concept, and thus the country’s most modern police facility in this size class,” says the Chief Technology Officer of the National Board of Police. Jyrki Wasastjerna.

The architectural firm Lahdelma & Mahlamäki oy, Granlund oy and Insinööritoimisto Pontek oy are responsible for the design of the new police building in Jokiniemi. The approval of the Government’s Finance Committee, the decision to lease the Police Board and the investment decision of the Senate Real Estate Board are still needed to complete the project and start construction work.

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