Person Piilakso’s pioneer Caterina Fake moved to Finland and was surprised by the dominance of the gaming industry: “I’m not sure if the future is where people play the kind of future we want.”

This autumn, Caterina Fake’s relationship with Finnish business life intensified when she was appointed a member of the Board of Lifelinen Spac and the board of the consulting company Miltton. “Before that, I’m looking here for companies that would miss the American perspective and could have international expansion plans.”

Caterina Fake, who lives in Käpylä, Helsinki, is a pioneer in Silicon Valley, known as the founder of the image service Flickr and an investor in Etsy, Kickstarter and Uber. He does not want to come to master the Finnish startup field, but urges us to consider the social consequences of excessive gambling.

Man, who does not read, atrophies his imagination. Literature helps to see the world through the eyes of different people and to identify. Therefore, those working in the technology sector should also read widely, says the serial entrepreneur and investor Caterina Fake.

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