Outdoor activities “We apologize for what happened” – The ski slope flooded like a blood pond in Paimio

HKScan regrets what happened, the company is told.

In Paimio the skier might be surprised this week. On the Paimionjoki ski trail, a fairly large section of the trail was covered with blood-like red liquid on Wednesday.

The Paimio slaughterhouse is located by the river. This was waste water leaked from the slaughterhouse, confirms the communication of HKScan, which owns the slaughterhouse.

“According to our information, the situation is over and it has not posed a danger to the surrounding area,” the company is told by e-mail to Helsingin Sanomat.

There was a blockage in the main sewer of the slaughterhouse, which caused the pre-treated wastewater to drain into the environment through a sewer inspection well on Tuesday night. The blockage opened early Wednesday, the company said.

“HKScan regrets this and has launched investigations and measures to prevent similar situations in the future.”

According to the company, the environmental authorities of Paimio municipality inspected the situation on Wednesday.

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The local newspaper first reported what happened Kuntsari.

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